Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hostess Gifts

When you go to someone's house, do not go empty-handed.  Bring something with you.  The typical choice is a bottle of wine, but depending on the host/hostess they may already have selected a good bottle of wine or if it's a larger party, everyone will bring wine.  Another common option is flowers , but that requires your host/hostess to rush around and find a vase.

If you've got your heart set on flowers, bring them already in a vase or planted.  If you've got your heart set on wine, bring a bottle stopper or a cute reusable bag.  Or, break the mold and try something a little more unique.

The items towards the front of the list are good if you are invited for a party, towards the middle if it's for dinner and towards the end if you are a weekend guest.

Collectible Books - various price points

Chocolates - $5.99

Funny Ice Cube Tray - $9.49
It's kinda awful, but it's kinda funny.

Colorful Playing Cards - $10
You can never have too many decks of cards.  This site also has some great poker chip sets as well if you want to go for a bit higher price point but like the concept.

Wine Cork Trivet - $14.49
Let's them use up those wine corks.

Aioli Collection - $17.50

Whiskey Stones - $19.99
These will keep your drink cool while not watering it down as the ice melts.

Fun Salt and Pepper Shakers - $23 (and less)
Of course, there are more options that sea horses.  Birds, Owls,

An apron - $23

Infused Olive Oil - $25.99
There are a ton of gift sets online, or just go pick up one from your local grocery or specialty store.  Also, an infused vinegar would be great as well.

Chalk Board Cheese Plate - $29
I love serving cheese, but it's hard to know what cheese is what and easily communicate that to your guests.  With a chalk board cheese plate, that's taken care of.

Decanter - $49

Artisan Salt Box - $49.99

Paella Kit - $60.95

Margarita Gift Basket - $64.99

Drink Dispenser - $59 Plus Stand - $23

Picnic Tote - $94.95

Do you have any favorite go-to hostess gifts?  What's the best hostess gift you've recieved?


  1. Wow what great ideas! I love the wine cork trivet. So inventive!

    1. Thanks! It's always fun to come up with a good excuse to give someone a gift :)